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Are you a clumsy and uncouth rustic? If so, this stop-motion brawler is for you! · By Claymatic Games


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Clodhoppers Online Beta Release
Welcome to the first major beta of Clodhoppers with (reasonably!) stable online play. We've been battle testing this development build with our wonderful Discor...
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More levels, local play, and polish!
After much iteration with our little community we've updated our itch builds. Several more levels are included as well as local play and a lot of general polish...
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Free Early Access Multiplayer Build
We're pleased to make the multiplayer early access build available on itch! The latest Clodhoppers build supports 4 deathmatch levels and up to 8 players online...
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8 Players Online Playtest
Hey all, this is just a brief update to let you know that we have a weekly updated build on Discord which supports 8 players online. It's still a little raw and...
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