Free Early Access Multiplayer Build

We're pleased to make the multiplayer early access build available on itch!

The latest Clodhoppers build supports 4 deathmatch levels and up to 8 players online, with customisable level options. Be sure to try bombs only from a 100% crates, or have a star wars style blaster only session! These builds are our way of releasing in progress versions of the game during development, so you’ll notice the simplest possible front end

Games are regularly hosted through our Discord - ping @clodhoppers if you’d like to find other players, or ask your friends to join you.

If you’re not on our mail list, sign up here for updates:

See you soon!

Alex, Anthony, Stu, Mal and all of our amazing community :)

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Oct 04, 2019 224 MB
Oct 04, 2019

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