A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


Clodhoppers is an online and local single/multiplayer brawler designed around quick games and big laughs. All the artwork is created using clay models and stop motion animation to give a unique aesthetic. It's lead by the creator of Platypus, Anthony Flack, and is the spiritual successor to Cletus Clay. 

Clodhoppers is FREE whilst it's being developed, which we're doing in public with the help of our community. Please join us and share Clodhoppers with your friends.

Game Features

  • Multiplayer brawling
  • Stop-motion animated clay characters
  • Pickup'n'play controls
  • Hicks (and soon... cows... and then... thieving alien scum)

Build Notes

We're releasing 'Sausage Builds' regularly, starting with our early prototypes. These allow us to test the core gameplay before we build out the larger content. 

This build includes first draft 2-4 player brawling, crate throwing, shotguns, bombs, and a variety of level experiments.

What isn't there yet? 99% of the game! Much of the artwork is placeholder, no audio, unrefined close combat, no online play, single weapon, no enemies, no single player, and more! But we think it's great fun already, and hope you think so too.

Why Sausages? Because you get to experience all the different ideas put through the grinder to create a new flavour to the game. And soon we'll have pigs from Cletus' farm too...

  • Fixed: Incorrect quality settings causing bugs


  • Windows or OSX with game controllers
    (tested with wired PS4 and XBox 360 pads)
  • A friend or friends to play with (local multiplayer only)

Open Development

Join us as we develop the game entirely in public, from white-boxing to the final game. 

You can help us with ideas, play builds as we make changes, or follow us as we explore the stop-motion and clay modelling process.  So get stuck in and see what this game is made of :)

Well... Clay obviously.

To join the development discussion hop on over to our Discord Server, where you an also find Eufloria RPG and Neopolis development as well as some other lovely indie developers.


Clodhoppers-win.zip 98 MB
Clodhoppers-osx.zip 99 MB